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Orbit Design is a graphic design agency based in Adelaide, South Australia specialising in branding, web design and environmental graphics. 

Skills our multi-disciplinary, boutique-sized agency offer include: brand strategy, brand identity, graphic and packaging design, web and digital design and advertising, and environmental graphics design.

For more than 20 years, we have helped a number of both private and public sectors clients in industries as diverse as: architecture, art, civic, culture, education, energy, engineering, entertainment, events, destination marketing, health, music, government and many more.

At Orbit Design we are mindful of two important factors when we approach each project: our clients’ business objective and their customer’s perception of their brand.

It is our aim to let people who connect with our clients’ brand, or access their information, to engage in a rewarding and enjoyable experience. We call it the “Human Centred Design” approach, where we make ideas visible, communications clear, solutions simple and design meaningful and beautiful.


our Clients

At Orbit Design, we pride ourselves on our client service. We focus on building relationships with our clients by listening, respecting and responding. Most importantly, we deliver results by collaborating closely with our clients at every stage of the project.

New engagement

Throughout 2014, Orbit Design have been working closely with the Women’s and Children’s Hospital to develop a new wayfinding system.


our process

Orbit Design project manages every job from start to finish. Each project is the responsibility of one or two designers who actively involve our clients throughout the entire process using our three step approach:




Brief the objectives and perception, Research to define the problem, Present findings for understanding.

. . .

Agree on definition.





Develop the strategy & concept, Initial presentation for feedback, Design development, Design presentation for feedback, Refine design.

. . .

Approve the design.





Production documentation, Manage quotes and commission suppliers, Supervise production, Deliver project.

. . .

Assess the project.


Our People

Our experienced team, along with a suite of specialist consultants, often bounce ideas off each other. In many cases, they also collaborate on projects by combining their talents to provide our clients with exceptional design solutions.


David Zhu – FDIA FGLF

Director - Design Strategy

David Zhu began his design career in China 32 years ago and has since become one of South Australia’s leading design professionals. His significant strengths lie in the areas of client service and open, objective thinking. He believes that once a problem is clearly defined, the solution becomes apparent. David’s design philosophy is simple — to create beautiful, meaningful design work that makes a difference to everyday life. He is a Fellow of the Design Institute of Australia, guest lecturer at UniSA and is passionate about black and white photography and Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine.


Jerry Pendleton

Design Manager

Jerry Pendleton’s 20 years experience has taught him to tackle each design project with methodical enthusiasm. He also believes it takes time to create a good design. Time to thoroughly understand the brief, explore a range of solutions and execute them properly. He believes discovering fascinating and interesting behind-the-scenes stories, facts and figures can be a huge influence in any design project. Jerry dabbles with a bit of furniture making, when he’s not at a gallery taking in the latest exhibitions.


Jack Kirwan

Designer / Digital

Jack Kirwan joined Orbit Design straight from UniSA. He thrives on discovering the best way to create something fresh and different, even if it means he has to make it himself or learn a new piece of software to make it happen. As Orbit Design’s Digital Designer, Jack’s flair for creating beautiful and functional online projects perfectly complements his love for print and environmental design. Away from the studio, you’ll find Jack on the soccer field or restoring his old Porsche.